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Principal Office Careers

melton building society principal office careers

Our Principal Office in Melton Mowbray in the heart of Leicestershire is a spacious purpose built modern building. It is a professional, open and friendly environment where there are a variety of roles:

  • Operations and Administration – delivering great customer service in administering our customers’ mortgages and savings.
  • Finance – careers from accounting to general finance administration.
  • Compliance – our compliance and risk department ensures we comply with the latest financial regulations and makes sure that we  meet the regulatory obligations and management of conduct risk.
  • Marketing – communicating with various audiences, from existing and prospective customers, to the wider public and journalists to  make sure customers recognise our brand.
  • IT – ensuring we integrate secure modern technology and systems in our business.

Meet some of our people

Customer Service Assistant, Jessica Fitt

I started working at the Melton in March 2018 as a full-time Customer Service Assistant within the Savings Administration team.

Our team deals with any enquiries potential or existing customers may have with their accounts. As a department, we ensure that all of our customers’ transactions are carried out as they should be and that any problems are flagged and sorted as quickly as possible to prevent disruption to our customers. My favourite part of this role is my team, they are more than just colleagues, we are all friends which makes the workplace such a nice environment. It really doesn't feel like a job when you love what you’re doing.

Since starting with the Melton I am so much more confident. I love talking to our customers both on the phone and in person and I have gained such a good understanding of how the financial world works.

I enjoy working at the Melton as I feel like my opinions and the work I put in is greatly appreciated. I feel like a valued member of staff and we are treated extremely well with the benefits we receive.

Senior Underwriter, James Sentance

I joined the Melton in 1997 as a Customer Advisor at one of our branches.

My current role is Senior Underwriter which involves approving mortgage applications and ensuring that Lending Policy is adhered to. The most enjoyable aspect of this role is finding ways to help people with 'interesting' mortgage requirements and scenarios.

I have attended numerous training and development courses over the years and I have obtained industry recognised qualifications in Ce-MAP and Advanced Ce-MAP. I am currently studying for a degree in Leadership and Management at Loughborough University. The degree course is in conjunction with the Building Society Association.

The atmosphere at work is always friendly and there is a great teamwork mentality.

Junior IT Manager, Sam Brumpton

I joined the Society in November 2012 as a Mortgage Processing Assistant. I am now a Junior IT Manager and this involves a wide range of jobs from general fixing of computers and printers, network support, project management and support. Basically ensuring the smooth running of all IT matters - no two days are ever the same!

I started off in the IT department knowing very little, but through in-house training I have gained a huge amount of knowledge from my colleagues. I have also taken certified training and sat a couple of exams. I am currently studying part time for a degree in IT and Computing which the Melton is helping me with.

It’s great working for an organisation that is so supportive of helping me develop my career.

We are always interested to receive CVs from talented people. If you would like to submit your CV speculatively please click here.