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CRD4 Article 89 Disclosure

the melton building society

In common with all other banks and building societies in the UK, the Melton is subject to the requirements of Article 89 of the Capital Requirements Directive 4 (CRD4) relating to country-by-country reporting. Specifically, the regulations require each institution to publish information annually on a consolidated basis, by country where they have an establishment.

The following information meets the requirements of CRD4 Article 89 for The Melton Mowbray Building Society Group:

Year end 31/12/2018
Nature of activities Provider of multi-channel mortgage finance, savings products and personal financial advice within the framework of a strong mutual building society
Geographical location United Kingdom
Number of employees 93
Turnover (£’000) 6,933
Profit before tax (£’000) 1,419
Tax on profit (£’000) 354