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Review Your Mortgage

review your mortgage

You’d be surprised what we can do for you in 15 minutes!

Just 15 minutes is all it takes for us to check your mortgage eligibility whether you are looking to buy a new property, remortgage on your existing property or you are an existing customer wishing to switch to another product. Our mortgage advisor will chat through with you:

  • Value/purchase price of your property
  • How much you are looking to borrow
  • Run through a basic affordability assessment
  • Give you a brief overview of products that may be available for you
  • You can then decide whether you would like to proceed with a full enquiry

Pop in to your local branch or make an appointment with one of our friendly mortgage advisors by calling 01664 414141

The Mortgage Application

If you decide you would like to proceed with a full enquiry with the Melton, you will need to make a second appointment with one of our mortgage advisors. Please allow approximately 90 minutes for this. During this appointment we will complete a fact find and a full affordability assessment. To assist us in completing this efficiently and to enable us to provide you with a Decision in Principle, it would be helpful if you could bring the following information with you:

  • Address history – details of your residential address for at least the last 5 years.
  • If employed, your last 3 months payslips – details of your earnings and any deductions made from your salary.
  • If self employed, your last 3 years accounts – details of your net profits and/or salary and dividends.
  • Details of any other income – such as pension income, rental income etc that you may receive.
  • Your last 3 months bank statements – we will ask for details of your regular outgoings/expenditure.
  • Details of your financial commitments – any loans, credit cards or other financial commitments you may have.
  • Existing mortgage details – we will need to know the outstanding balances, monthly payments, remaining term and lender details for any existing mortgages.
  • Home insurance – details of your current household insurance cover.
  • Protection policies – details of any income protection and life policies.

If you have any queries regarding the above requirements, please do not hesitate to contact your mortgage advisor prior to your appointment.