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Existing Mortgage Customers

Mortgages for Existing Customers of The Melton Building Society
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If you are an existing mortgage customer, the Melton can help you switch to a new deal or raise funds from your home to help finance home improvements or pay for a large purchase.

As an existing mortgage customer, if you choose to switch to a new deal with the Melton you’ll always be offered our best rates and you won’t have to pay an application fee.  You could also:

  • Switch to a new product up to 3 months before the end of your current mortgage deal without paying any product fees or incurring an early repayment charge
  • Apply for a further advance, or additional borrowing, to help finance home improvements or pay for a large purchase
  • Take your mortgage with you to a new home
  • Have a savings account to reduce the amount of interest you pay on your mortgage – this is called an Offset.

Interest only mortgages
If you have an interest only mortgage and are unsure whether you have sufficient arrangements in place to repay the capital balance at the end of your mortgage term, please speak to us so that we can help you review your repayment strategy and where necessary explain the options available to you. If your circumstances have changed since you took out your mortgage, we can offer a review with a Mortgage Advisor who can provide advice in relation to your long term mortgage arrangements and repayment strategy plans. You may also find the Financial Conduct Authority’s publication, Interest-only mortgages: act now and talk to your lender, useful.  You can also find some useful information here:   moneyadviceservice.org.uk

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