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Online Affinity Savings Account – currently unavailable

At the Melton we are proud to be able to support our local community and one of ways in which we can do this is through our Online Affinity Savings account. We have linked with two local charities – Self Unlimited and Loros – to offer the Online Affinity Savings account through each charity.

Our Online Affinity Savings account offers you an attractive rate of interest, in return for which we require 90 days’ notice for withdrawals. The Melton then supports the charity by making a donation to the charity, annually after 31 December, of 0.25% of the average daily balances held in the particular Affinity Savings account.


self-unlimited-logo    loros-logo

Due to a high level of demand for our online savings accounts and to maintain a high level of service for all our existing members, some of the Society’s online savings accounts are currently unavailable to new customers, however, this situation may change. If you would like us to contact you when they become available please leave your details here.