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Our complex services required a creative digital marketing strategy

The Melton 

At the Melton Building Society, we are proud to have been providing mortgages and financial services to the community since 1875. 

Unlike many lenders, the Melton has a real community focus. We’re a mutual society, which means we don’t have shareholders to pay dividends to. Instead, we’re able to offer our members higher interest rates on savings and lower rates for borrowers.

In addition, the Melton Building Society Charitable Foundation provides support to local charities and community projects. 

We work with Mortgage Advice Bureau to help customers find the best mortgage deal by comparing 1000’s of mortgages from over 90 different lenders.

Reaching out to Ketchup Marketing

The range and complexity of our services here at the Melton meant we needed to find creative online solutions. With so much on offer, we needed to make sure our online visitors had easy access to the information they were looking for. And with so many possible options and lengthy eligibility criteria, simply listing everything wasn’t enough. We needed a more bespoke solution. That’s when we contacted Ketchup.

Ketchup builds interest through a highly-functional website



A corporate website

We asked Ketchup to create our corporate website. This was set to be a huge site – comprising over 100 web pages. What’s more, it was vital that this website could double up as a content management system.

The reason for this added requirement was because our products and services are susceptible to change – in line with the economy and other external factors. We required a solution that allowed us to keep our content current through every type of market change.

Bespoke tools

Positive user experience was key for us. Users needed to be able to visit our site, easily find what they were looking for, and have their questions answered quickly and simply.

Each of our customers has different needs, and we were searching for a solution that allowed users to find information easily, that was highly relevant to them when they visited our site.

To this end, Ketchup integrated a bespoke affordability calculator and a buy to let calculator application for the broker site. In addition, Ketchup integrated a Branch Finder tool which allows customers to view the Melton locations and find their nearest branch.

Ketchup also created a PDF builder for us. This piece of programming allows our site visitors to generate a custom savings brochure by selecting products that interest them. This technology allows our customers to find exactly what they need.

Subsequent sites


Not only did Ketchup create our main site, but the team also created two subsequent sites aimed at even more specialist searches. These were the Melton Brokers at and MBS lending at

This combination of sites helps us achieve our goal of creating an excellent user experience for our visitors. The Melton Broker’s site even incorporates a bespoke buy-to-let calculator for brokers, making it easier than ever for online visitors to engage with us.


And much more…

We found that Ketchup offered a highly comprehensive service with a huge range of bespoke options, which we took full advantage of to build websites that worked for us and our customers.

Through working with Ketchup, we have also benefited from a website that can be controlled by multiple users and integrated departments, a full website defence system for data security (KetchupProtect), a custom intranet system, fully-produced email marketing campaigns, and promotional print materials designed by Ketchup’s team of professional graphic designers.


Ongoing services

The Melton has an ongoing relationship with Ketchup which gives us peace of mind in the form of super quick response times to any marketing issues we have. In addition, we have a maintenance contract with Ketchup Marketing which provides day to day phone support as and when it is required. 

Working with Ketchup

The Melton is pleased to have worked with Ketchup and will continue to do so. If you feel your company could be made better with Ketchup, then we recommend calling them on 01476 852990 or emailing


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