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Online Savings

online saving accounts the melton

Access to your savings day and night with our online savings accounts.

Product Name Minimum Balance Interest Paid Gross Interest % AER % Withdrawals
Online Easy Save £1,000+ Monthly 0.85 0.85 No notice or loss of interest. Maximum online withdrawal limit of £10,000 per day
Online 30 Day Notice Issue 2 £1,000+ Monthly 1.00 1.00 30 days' notice to withdraw
Online Homesave Account £100+ Monthly 1.25 1.26 30 days’ notice to withdraw. Notice will be waived when funds are required for all or part of a deposit to purchase a property with a Melton mortgage. Online maximum withdrawal limit of £10,000 per day.
Online Phoenix Children’s Foundation 90 Day Notice Affinity £100+ Monthly 1.35 1.36 90 days' notice
Online LOROS 90 Day Notice Affinity £1,000+ Annually 1.35 1.35 90 days' notice
Online Fixed Rate to 22 October 2021 £1,000+ Monthly 1.70 1.71 Not permitted during fixed rate period
Online Offset Share Savings n/a n/a n/a n/a Easy Access. Online withdrawal limit of £10,000 per day.
Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future

Access to your savings day and night with our online savings accounts. Accounts for those who prefer to manage their money online. Check your balance, view your statements and make transfers online to your nominated account.

We have three online savings accounts – the Online Easy Save, Online Homesave and Online Offset Share savings account.

Take a look at our Handy Guide to making the most of your savings.

Here to help
Not sure which account is right for you? Get in touch and our experienced staff will be happy to talk you through your options and help find the best online savings account for you.

How safe are your savings?
You may be worried that if you tie your money up in a savings account, it won't be protected. However, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme is an independent body that serves as a last resort to cover most deposits, including savings, up to the value of £85,000. So, if for some reason your bank or building society failed, your money is protected by the FSCS.