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Supporting a sustainable future

The Melton is working with the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust & Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust to raise funds to protect wildlife and encourage enjoyment of the natural world. Supporting wildlife and the Trusts ties in with the Society’s community ethos and its commitment to providing sustainable mortgages, affordable housing and encouraging responsible living.

Sustainable mortgages

Take a mortgage with us and you can help build a more sustainable future.

The Melton will donate £150 to the Trusts for every Wildlife Trust member who completes on a mortgage. Not a member of the Wildlife Trusts? The Melton is offering a special one year Family Membership of the Lincolnshire or Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trusts for just £10 - a saving of up to £30 – so you can help protect wildlife and wild places on your doorstep. Call in to your local branch of the Melton for details. Connecting your life with wildlife.

Eco Mortgage

A mortgage that incentivises use of energy saving features in new or renovated properties.

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Self Build and Renovation Mortgages

Mortgages for new builds, as well as for "recycling" derelict or run down properties by renovation or conversion.

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Wild Ones Young Savers

The Melton is giving away special Wild Ones Packs to children aged 0 to 16 years who open a Wild Ones Young Savers Account at any of our branches. The Wild Ones Packs contain a pocket wildlife guide, wildflower seeds and much more, encouraging young people to enjoy wildlife and get into the habit of saving.

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The Melton Homesave account is designed to encourage you to save regular monthly amounts towards a deposit on your home.  You may be eligible to apply for a Melton mortgage without having to pay an application or completion fee.

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Affordable housing

We support sustainable living through lending on shared ownership and affordable custom build housing projects.

Our Eco Mortgage makes creating energy saving properties and improvements more affordable – helping homeowners to save money on their fuel bills as well as reducing their carbon emissions.

Mutual values

Mutuality is about helping each other, which is also what sustainability is all about. The Melton is a modern mutual building society which means we don’t have shareholder dividends to pay so results of our success are shared with members through higher interest rates for savers, lower rates for borrowers and providing a better service.

The Melton is dedicated to supporting the communities in which we live and work - we understand the positive effect that comes from people working together. As a local organisation, we believe we have a responsibility towards our community and its economy. Our involvement is not only financial, we also offer our business expertise and the time of our staff who work with various charities and community groups to help make a difference. Our commitment to the local community has a clear connection with the work of the Wildlife Trusts and by pulling together we will help ensure a sustainable future for everyone to enjoy.