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For people, for community and for the planet

Our founding purpose as a mutual Society run for the good of its members is a legacy that goes back to our creation in 1875, this is a role we seek to continue by meeting the needs of our present members without compromising on the ability of future generations to meet their needs, too.

This duty of care starts with being a responsible business, making choices and changes to take positive action for our people, the environment and the communities we serve.

Partnering with JUST ONE Tree

We’re partnering with JUST ONE Tree (JOT) as part of their £1 for 1 tree campaign, initially contributing £1 for each employee and then making an annual contribution equal to the number of new members attracted in the previous calendar year.

JOT are a Community Interest Company (CIC) that use funding to support reforestation organisations around the world, focusing in areas that have been severely affected by mass deforestation. Being a CIC stipulates that any profits generated must be used to create social good – in this case planting more trees, helping provide sustainable incomes for thousands of people and supporting great reforestation projects. With us being a Mutual, we feel that this is an excellent fit for us and our members.

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Free EPC Plus for eligible members

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Green Agenda

We’re making moves both operationally and strategically to reduce our carbon footprint, improve our energy efficiency and to educate ourselves about emissions and waste, because small changes can make a big difference.

Here are some current plans and recent changes we’ve implemented:

  • Using alternative materials for our passbook wallets (card) to make them 100% plastic free and 100% recyclable for when you need a new one.
  • We use renewable energy sources where possible, such as solar panels, which provide us with more energy than we use with the additional energy going back to the grid. We aim to expand our implementation of renewable energy sources across all our branches and head office.
  • We have a dedicated Green Committee, who meet to discuss our green agenda through new ideas and concepts.
  • We have plans to introduce an electric car scheme to encourage our colleagues to switch to sustainable transportation.
  • We have put together some extra tips to help you become greener at home. Please click here to view them.

Social Responsibility

As well as caring for the environment, we have a responsibility to encourage the economic health and social cohesion of our community, because stability in the world allows people to thrive.


We love investing in charitable ventures and work hard to make a difference by donating money, fundraising and volunteering. We set a company target of between 500 and 1000 hours of voluntary work per year which allows us to get involved in a great range of projects.


We have partnered with Melton and District Money Advice Centre that pays for a fully qualified education officer to visit schools and teach young people the skills they need to manage their finances now and in the future.


We are partnered with Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust; a leading conservation charity working to protect and enhance our wildlife and green spaces – engaging people with nature.

The Global Goals for sustainable development

As we strive to improve our sustainability across all areas and to hold ourselves accountable for our progress, Melton Building Society has signed up to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, a blueprint that sets clear targets to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

We are really pleased with the progress that we have made to support our five goals in 2023 and proud to have received a five star rating from Support the Goals during the year for our commitment to sustainability as well as working with our partners and suppliers to share the importance of supporting the UN Goals. We have focused on both our people and our communities with actions completed across the year.

We are proud to continue to be a Living Wage employer for another year and our colleagues have completed over 1,000 volunteering hours above our target set for the year. During the year the Society has also become an Independently Accredited Menopause Friendly Employer which we are very proud of. From a financial education perspective we have supported over 4,000 young people through the opportunity to attend a workshop in their school or college and have also ran adult Money Management sessions which have been well received. In relation to Climate we have received Climate Partner certified for our work and ongoing commitment to reduce our carbon footprint.

The following show what we have achieved within each of our five goals for 2023:

Achieved in 2023

  • To maintain a gender balanced Board – targeting a 50%/50% balance
  • To work towards Menopause in the Workplace accreditation

Achieved in 2023

  • We will look to achieve improvements in the environment through our product design by giving colleagues and customers the opportunity to make a difference
  • We will seek to achieve between 750-1000 hours of colleague volunteering within our local communities
  • We will donate up to 1% of Society surplus to Community Activities each year

Achieved in 2023

  • To deliver Financial Education sessions to schools and colleges to improve knowledge in this critical area – aim for 3,500 pupils/colleagues to attend a session this year
  • To provide adults through their employer access to a Money Management course

Achieved in 2023

  • To provide a range of wellbeing initiatives and resources for colleagues across the year
  • Partner with charities and local businesses where and health and wellbeing are core – partnership with SportsAid and Leicestershire County Cricket Club

Achieved in 2023

  • Through working with a partner, develop a plan aligned to the Green Charter to be net zero
  • Establish a sustainability taskforce to work with colleagues and key stakeholders to engage and educate climate topics for the Society

To monitor our progress and for means of accountability we have aligned with Support the Goals, a Social Enterprise who provide a simple rating system that measures how we are progressing against our targets under each goal and independently assess our performance by awarding us a star rating. Only a small number of businesses out of 3,000 signed up have achieved 5 starts – a club we aim to join!