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Notice Savings Accounts

If you don’t need to have easy access to your savings, you can earn a better rate of interest with a notice account.

Product Name Minimum Balance Interest Paid Gross Interest % AER % Withdrawals Add to brochure download
30 Day Notice Account Issue 2 £500+ Monthly 0.60 0.60 30 days' notice
Online 30 Day Notice Issue 2 £1,000+ Monthly 0.60 0.60 30 days' notice to withdraw.
Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future

If you don’t need to have easy access to your savings, you can earn a better rate of interest with a notice account. There are many reasons to save, including creating a lump sum for the future – perhaps a deposit on a house, helping your children to go to university, a wedding or a comfortable retirement? At some point in the future, you will probably need to have access to a sizable amount of money that you can either use all at once or draw on over time. You may also wish to save to buy something that you can’t afford right now, savings enable you to buy things you want or need without increasing your debts.

Our Melton Homesave and Online Homesave accounts are designed to encourage you to save regular monthly amounts towards a deposit on your home.  You may be eligible to apply for a Melton mortgage without having to pay an application or completion fee.

Take a look at our Handy Guide to making the most of your savings.

Here to help
Not sure which account is right for you? Get in touch and our experienced staff will be happy to talk you through your options and help find the best notice savings account for you.

How safe are your savings?

You may be worried that if you tie your money up in a savings account, it won’t be protected. However, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme is an independent body that serves as a last resort to cover most deposits, including savings up to the value of £85,000. So, if for some reason your bank or building society failed, your money is protected by the FSCS.

The Society’s Bank Account details which are used for paying money in to your account electronically are as follows: 

Sort Code:  40-05-30

Account Number:  74574915

Beneficiary*:  Melton Mowbray Building Society

Reference/Account Number:  You must quote your full account number (i.e. ABC1234567DEF) to ensure that the funds reach your account.

*Not all Banks or Building Societies will require this.

Following the Bank of England Base Rate increases, our Standard Variable Rate is due to increase from 4.99% to 5.39% with effect from 1st June 2022.

Please also bear with us as our telephone lines will be busier as we help our customers