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Buying your first home, moving up the property ladder or building your dream home, we have a mortgage for you.

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First Time Buyer Mortgages

A choice of low deposit, fixed rate and shared ownership mortgages with personal service to help guide you through every step...

Moving Home or Your Mortgage

Whether you are purchasing a house or looking to move your mortgage from another lender, you can choose from fixed rate, discounted and low deposit mortgages...

Self Build & Renovation Mortgages

Build you dream home with the Melton’s self-build mortgages. Our self-build mortgages may also be suitable if you are renovating a property...

Buy to Let Mortgages

Our Buy to Let mortgages are specifically designed for people who want to invest in property to let out...

Existing Mortgage Customers

If you’re an existing mortgage customer who is looking to switch your deal or want to borrow more, we have a choice of exclusive offers...

At the Melton we know that one size does not necessarily fit all. You will always speak to a mortgage advisor, never be put through to a call centre and our experienced mortgage team looks at each application on an individual basis with manual underwriting.

The Melton’s friendly mortgage advisors are here to help whether you are looking for a first time buyer mortgage, buy to let mortgage, self build or renovation mortgage, shared ownership mortgage, purchasing a new house or looking to move your mortgage from another lender (known as remortgaging). We have a range of mortgages for most homes and pockets, including fixed rate, discounted and offset mortgages, many with deposits as low as 5%.

With a fixed rate mortgage, the monthly interest rate (and therefore your monthly mortgage payment) will stay the same for a set period of time, typically this will be approximately two, three or five years. At the end of the fixed rate period your rate will usually change to our Standard Variable Rate.

You are guaranteed that your rate will be exactly the same every month for the duration of the fixed rate mortgage term – even if other interest rates rise during this period.

You can confidently plan your budget for the whole period, because you’ll know in advance exactly what your monthly outgoings for your mortgage will be. If interest rates fall during the fixed period, the amount you pay during the fixed rate mortgage period will not change, so you may end up paying a higher rate of interest than if you were on a variable rate mortgage.

With a discounted rate mortgage your payments are based on a discounted rate set at a certain level below our Standard Variable Rate for a specific period of time, which means your payments may go up or down. For example, a 1% discount for 12 months off a Standard Variable Rate of 5% would mean a pay rate of 4% for 12 months. As the rate is variable this means that your rate and payments could go up and down during the discounted period.

Sometimes these discounts are stepped over a period of time, for example, a discount of 2% in the first year followed by a discount of 1% in the second year. At the end of the discount period your rate will usually change to our Standard Variable Rate.

This type of discounted rate mortgage often provides you with lower payments in the early years to help with the cost of moving or setting up in your new home.

An Offset mortgage means you can use your savings to reduce the interest charged on your mortgage, while still having access to the money in your savings account. It has the effect of deducting the amount of your savings from your mortgage balance so you only pay the interest on the difference.

If you’re not sure how much you may be able to borrow, use our Affordability calculator and use our Mortgage Finder to search our mortgages. To make an appointment with a Mortgage Advisor please call 01664 414141. For further information read our handy Guide to Mortgages.