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Coronavirus - Help us to help you

We are working hard to maintain the best service we can for you. As you can imagine our telephone lines are exceptionally busy at the moment. So we are asking for your help too.

In the interests of the health of both our customers and our staff, please avoid visiting our branches unless necessary. Please telephone your local branch direct if you have any queries or to register to use our online services.

To reduce the risk to our branch staff and customers, branch opening hours have temporarily be reduced to 9am - 1pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 12pm Saturdays.

We have also temporarily reduced our telephone opening hours at Principal Office to 9am - 3.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 12pm Saturdays. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Coronavirus Update

We understand that some customers may be worried about the effect that contracting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) could have on their finances, for example due to a drop in income as a result of contracting the virus or because of the measures imposed to stop it spreading. If you have any concerns about how this could affect you and your mortgage, please click here to read the leaflet produced by the Building Societies Association and National Debtline or please get in touch on 01664 414141.

Please click here to see a list of Frequently Asked Questions for our members.

Coronavirus Scams

The Society is aware of fraudsters using the Coronavirus outbreak to try and trick people into parting with their money. Here are four types of fraudulent activity that we are aware of:

  • Sales of ineffective protective face masks
  • Coronavirus-themed phishing emails with malicious links and attachments
  • Fraudsters sending texts and emails pretending to be from the World Health Organisation (WHO) claiming to be able to provide a list of infected people in their area. Please remember to be wary of links and attachments from unsolicited emails and texts and take care not to provide your personal or financial details
  • Posing as employees of a bank or building society. Please click here to read further guidance on how to protect yourself

Thank you for your patience.

The Melton Building Society

Call us on 01664 414141 between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am and 12pm on Saturdays


mortgage info pages

Charges applied to mortgage accounts


Please refer to our Tariff of Mortgage Charges leaflet for full explanations – download here as a pdf document.

For our Tariff of Mortgage Charges for Customers in Arrears – please download here as a pdf document.

Fee Purpose Fee
Main Advance Standard Applications Valuation – Purchase Price Basic RICS* Homebuyer
Up to £80,000 £150.00 £350.00
£80,001 – £100,000 £170.00 £375.00
£100,001 – £120,000 £190.00 £400.00
£120,001 – £150,000 £210.00 £450.00
£150,001 – £200,000 £240.00 £500.00
£200,001 – £250,000 £260.00 £550.00
£250,001 – £300,000 £290.00 £600.00
£300,001 – £350,000 £330.00 £650.00
£350,001 – £400,000 £360.00 £700.00
£400,001 – £450,000 £410.00 £750.00
£450,001 – £500,000 £450.00 £800.00
£500,001 – £700,000 £580.00 £950.00
£700,001 – £900,000 £690.00  £1045.00
£900,001 – £1,100,000 £820.00  by arrangement
£1,100,001 – £1,250,000 £920.00  by arrangement
£1,250,001 – £1,500,000 £1100.00  by arrangement
£1,500,001 – £1,750,000 £1250.00  by arrangement
£1,750,001 – £2,000,000 £1450.00  by arrangement
Main Advance – Self Build Applications Valuation – Purchase Price Basic
Up to £250,000 £360
£250,001 – £500,000 £500
£500,001 – £750,000 £700
£750,001 – £1,000,000 £900
£1,000,001 – £1,250,000 £1,100
£1,250,001 – £1,500,000 £1,300
£1,500,001 – £1,750,000 £1,550
£1,750,001 – £2,000,000 £1,800
Further Advances
Revaluation** £100.00
Valuer’s reinspection £100.00
Insurance arrangement fee £25.00
Unpaid Cheque £25.00
Unpaid Direct Debit £25.00
Electronic Transfer £25.00
Redemption figure request (no charge for first copy requested each year) £25.00
Mortgage discharge £150.00
Title Insurance £78.40 *** up to £500,000
Amendment to terms of mortgage contract £95.00
Transfer of equity £170.00
Unpaid ground rent/service charge £40.00
Reference supplied to another lender £50.00
Deed of postponement £65.00
Release of part security £60.00 plus legal fees
Tenancy agreement administration fee £75.00
Monthly arrears administration £50.00
Legal proceedings administration £35.00
Review/Approval of Legal documentation from £65.00
Solicitors costs in relation to arrears (variable)
Mortgage possession administration £200.00
Trace fee £75.00
Third party Field Agent or Home Visit £100
Third party fees (variable)
Letter Before Warrant £10.00
Access to personal records under data protection act £10.00

There may be other charges specific to individual mortgage products. These will be explained in the product sheet, the European Standardised Illustration Sheet (ESIS) and your mortgage offer.

Credit Card payments will only be accepted for the payment of application and valuation fees.

* The RICS valuation fee may vary and the figures quoted are a guide only. We will confirm to you the cost of the RICS valuation.

** In certain circumstances a full valuation will be carried out (see Main Advance Valuation Fees above). In these instances you will be advised of the fee payable before your further advance application is processed.

*** Title Insurance Fee £78.40 for loans up to £500,000 – please contact us for a quotation where the loan amount exceeds £500,000.

Where we introduce new charges, or increase existing charges, we will tell you personally at least 30 days prior to implementation. A change which abolishes a charge, or reduces the amount of an existing charge, may be introduced with immediate effect and without notice. Any changes in respect of charges will be advertised in each of the Society’s branch offices.