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25 Years at the Melton

Debbie Flint, Director of Operations, Reflects on 25 Years at the Melton

Do you remember your first day?

I remember my first day really well.  I’d finished my A levels the week before and had my driving test booked for the following day – so it was big week for me!

What was your first role at the Melton?

I joined Melton Branch as a cashier in 1996.

Did you plan on building your career in financial services?

I had arranged some work experience whilst studying for my A Levels, at a high street bank and the Melton, which I really enjoyed. The Melton Branch Manager then later contacted me to let me know there was a job opportunity, so I applied and got the job.  I can’t believe 25 years later and I still work for the Melton!

Have you always been ambitious?

Not necessarily ambitious, but I like to learn and understand things to do the best I can in any given situation.  I really enjoy a challenge and like to push myself out of my comfort zone.  For example, I was offered the opportunity of managing our Nottingham Branch in 2000 – I was only 20, with no managerial experience but recognised the opportunity this presented and I went on to learn so much.  I then went on to work in other branches before moving to Principal Office as an administration manager.  I’ve certainly never been bored, there’s always been new challenges and opportunities to develop and that is set to continue. The Society has a really exciting future.

What has been your greatest career achievement to date?

Being made a director of the Society.

Has financial services changed much in these years?

The industry has changed massively, particularly the increase in regulation which has had a huge impact on delivery of financial services.  I can remember the early stage of my career when mortgage advice wasn’t regulated and how different it was to current practices!  And of course the financial crash in 2008 – we had not long launched our subsidiary lending business, MBS Lending when the crash hit.

What do you like most about working at the Melton?

Definitely the people – I’ve met lots of great people of the years and have made some good friends through work.  I’ve always enjoyed interaction with customers, particularly during my time working in the branches and being a part of the local community – I remember it being a difficult decision at the time to move from branch to Principal Office.

Any other reflections you’d like to share?

It’s impossible to pick just one.  I’ve been lucky enough to join in so many staff conferences, parties and awards ceremonies – such great opportunities to celebrate the Society’s success.  I’ll always remember when our new core system, went live in in 1997 – all savings customers needed new passbooks and we had huge queues outside the branches, but everyone pulled together to help manage the situation.  I think our response to the pandemic is another shining example of our people working together – it has been heart-warming to see how everyone has worked so hard to support the business and our customers through a really challenging and unprecedented time, and I feel really proud to be part of such a great team.

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